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Create an awesome collection of tabs and chords for guitar, ukulele, bass, or whatever you play! Tab Workroom is a gorgeous app that lets you add, play and edit songs from all your devices.

🎸Great for Playing

Your content is the focus. Features like chord highlighting, autoscroll, fullscreen and a great monospace font make it easy to follow along while playing. And you don't need an internet connection, your library is always available.

📥Easy Import

Find and add tabs from any number of websites online, or import your existing collection from other apps or iTunes. Tab Workroom includes a built-in web browser that makes importing songs easy. The first version of Tab Workroom supports plain text tabs, with more file formats coming later.

📱Reliable iCloud Sync

Your library is always synced with your devices, no matter where you are. Add songs at home from your computer and review them later at a lesson on your iPhone.

💖It's For Your Songs

No matter how long you've been playing guitar, your song library is important. Tab Workroom is like a well-worn notebook or three ring binder. It's a dependable place to build up a collection of songs that are important to you.

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More Features

  • Chord highlighting
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Adjustable autoscroll
  • Great typography
  • Search, sort and group songs
  • Import from iTunes File Sharing and other apps
  • Easily find and add songs online
  • Reliable iCloud sync
  • Automatic weekly backups
  • 3D Touch and Haptic Feedback
  • Frequent updates and new features

You’ll love Tab Workroom! Download it for free today.

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